Save More On My Meebas Cheap Price My Meebas Handheld Game Sale

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Save More On My Meebas Cheap Price My Meebas Handheld Game Sale

Post by theguide on Tue Nov 11, 2008 11:18 am

The My Meebas™ game is a new electronics toy from Mattel® that combines compelling, quirky game play with an unbelievable plush surprise on the inside.

My Meebas™ Game Toy comes in four uniquely colored tubes, each representing a special My Meebas™ attribute: Intelligence, Love, Friendship, and Happiness. Each game tube has a sliding LCD screen with three game play buttons that allow a girl to see “inside” the game tube and follow the progression of My Meebas™. She helps it “grow” by playing various games and activities. The more time she spends playing with My Meebas,™ the faster it “grows”. Once My Meebas™ is fully “grown”, and not a moment before, the game tube will pop open and the soft, plush My Meebas™ can be taken out. Each My Meebas™ plush will be the same shape as the fully “grown” My Meebas™ on the screen, but the colors and material will only be revealed once the game tubes are opened. Each tube sold separately, subject to availability. Plush toys not sold individually. Colors and decorations may vary.

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