Nextel Two Way Radio Walkie Talki Rental Services

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Nextel Two Way Radio Walkie Talki Rental Services

Post by adspost01 on Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:24 am

PUSH-TO-TALK Coast-to-Coast Country-to-Country Get Work Done Now
->  Get things done instantly with World’s largest Direct Connect.
-> Nextel Direct Connect service allows you to connect with co-workers, family and friends in under a second.
-> Save Time. Get things done faster and more efficiently than a typical cell call.
-> Be Productive. Check directions. Get information.
-> Make decisions. Coordinate with 1 to 20 people all at once.
-> Get things done with Direct Connect®. Clear and Secure.
-> Direct Connect calls run over the all-digital, secure Nextel Nationwide Network.
USA:       410-982-6460Canada:   514-312-4385or


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