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Business Classifieds

Post by Jclassified on Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:27 am

I’d like to invite you to, a new type of Free Classifieds website where you can…

Build a profile: specify your experience, credentials, licenses and other qualifications. Our profile creator and ad poster support html, which allows you to create professional looking ads in no time.

Get feedback, quality leads, and recommendations: Build your personal brand even before your first transaction at by asking your friends to use the “recommend” feature. Once your transactions are completed, have your customers to use our “feedback” feature, where they can tell others about your service, product, etc.

Create your own network: You operate your service on the basis of relationships and referrals--and that's what we are all about. Our site lets you gain more credibility with friends and families of people who you have already transacted with, via friend list, degrees of separation, and groups.

Set up activities and groups: You can also network by organizing events. Manage signups with our “activity” feature on and chat online with other users. Start your own group and communicate with your customers better. You can even get notifications when your friends make new job listings.

Example Ads:

If you are interested, please check us out:

Business Classifieds


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