Bring hundreds of targeted visitors a day!

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Bring hundreds of targeted visitors a day!

Post by Jclassified on Fri Mar 11, 2011 12:47 am

We are selling aggressive SEO package, in which we will rank up 2 keywords/2urls or more at once by building thousands of links monthly to your website and pushing your website’s ranking higher in Google. We use US/UK writers and Asian data entry clerks, and would do from a few hundred to thousands of links monthly to make sure you rank up.

Those are prices for low to medium competition keywords.
Plan 1 (to rank 2 low competition keywords/2 urls )
$200 monthly

Plan 2 (to rank for 3 low competition keywords/3 urls)
$300.00 monthly

Plan 3 (to rank for 3 keywords/3 urls)
$400.00 monthly

Plan 4 (to rank for 5 keywords/3 urls)
$500 monthly

Plan 5 (to rank for 10 keywords/5 urls)
$900 monthly


Do you use blackhat SEO methods?

We would only use white hat methods, we will not use software to send out unwanted spams, most of the work would be done manually.

Will I receive reports of where you submit my links?

Yes, you will receive multiple reports throughout the month as each part is completed.

How long does it usually take to rank to first page?

Your ranking improvement depends on your keywords, competition, and other factory. Some regional keywords could be as fast as one month, others could take 3 months or more.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns and we will answer it within 24 hours on our email. First 5 people gets 20% extra links. Please send paypal payment to to start the SEO plan.

Our contact info:
Skype: jihoy1
AOL: eremite311
Yahoo: speculator_311


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